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What is an MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit)?

  • With four or more owners or property titles on one site, and
  • Share common services (electricity lines, phone cables etc), and
  • Is governed by a body corporate, or
  • A sub-division or housing development using new technology e.g. fibre optic

A SKY Ready Complex is fitted with a central aerial system which allows occupants to ‘plug and play’ a sky decoder with out the need for any additional cabling or individual satellite dish.

SKY Ready Complexes commit to:

  • At least one SKY capable outlet in 100% of their apartments/households.
  • Maintaining and repairing the central system to ensure that the signal continues to reach all apartments/ households and if issues arise then remedial work will be completed in a timely manner.
  • Allowing a SKY QC on site to verify signal strength and system capability should any issues or questions arise regarding the system (the property is responsible for rectifying any identified issues).

It is the responsibility of the property to ensure that the above SKY Ready criteria are met.

The body corporate/property representative must advise SKY Television of their complex’s SKY Ready status to be eligible to use the SKY Ready logo.

Should you feel that your complex is SKY Ready, please contact SKY to discuss.

Download SKY READY pdf

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