Hospitality New Zealand

The Hospitality New Zealand employs eight Regional Managers who are able to provide advice and assistance with most aspects of your business. Once you are members of Hospitality New Zealand you will receive member benefits.

You can contact Hospitality New Zealand on 0800 500 503.

Motel Association of New Zealand

MANZ, the Motel Association of NZ, is the national trade body for the NZ Motel industry, with over 1000 member properties.

MANZ has been in operation for over 30 years and is the largest grouping of Motel apartment properties in NZ. As an association, MANZ is an affiliate member of the Tourism Industry Assn of NZ, and works closely with other industry bodies in the NZ accommodation hospitality and tourism industries.

Clubs New Zealand

Clubs New Zealand provides administrative support, advice and representation for Clubs throughout New Zealand. Once you are member of Clubs NZ you will receive member benefits.

You can contact Clubs NZ on 04 4997222.


OneMusic is a joint initiative between APRA and Recorded Music NZ (previously known as PPNZ Music Licensing). OneMusic exists to simplify the music licensing process for NZ businesses and offers a single music license that covers both the copyright in the music (owned by the songwriter) and the recording (owned by the recording artist or record label).

Combining the repertoire represented by APRA and Recorded Music NZ, OneMusic provides blanket music licenses for the public performances of music. OneMusic collects license income and distributes this income as royalties to songwriters, composers, publishers, recording artists and record labels.

For a public performances music license for your business please visit, email or call 0800 759 663.


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