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SKY Business launches “Piracy Promise!”

At SKY TV we believe all our SKY Business subscriber’s deserve a level playing field and for this reason we are committed to ensuring all premises have a current commercial subscription agreement. I’m sure you’ve all heard of SKY decoders being brought from home, or venues streaming or downloading Sports content and wondering what SKY does to combat this? 

“We receive information on potential pirates from many sources, including SKY staff, current subscribers, bar staff, trade sources, social media and from our own investigations” says Kevin Newcombe - SKY Business’s Licensed Sector Account Manager. Kevin goes on to say “once we are aware of a potential pirate we use a number of tools available to us, from investigators visiting premises during live sporting events, site visits from SKY staff, legal remedies and in extreme circumstances successful prosecutions”.

With much of this good work going on in the background, it’s not completely surprising that some in the Hospitality industry have the perception that we don’t follow up on piracy leads when given to us. For this reason we have “Piracy Promise” which simply is an assurance that we’ll follow up and investigate, as we always have done, any misuse of the SKY service.

“Fundamentally were not changing anything in regards to the rigorous process’s we have to police and investigate Pirates, it is more about the perception and providing comfort to our commercial subscribers that we investigate every report of piracy” says Newcombe.

“We believe we owe it to the majority of honest pub and club operators that we are working to protect the investment they’ve made in their commercial SKY subscription”.


With such riches of sport like Super Rugby, the NRL, The Rugby Championship, Cricket, Football Basketball and Horse racing to name but a few, there will always be the odd rogue operator  thinking they can show SKY without a commercial license. With the support of our legitimate SKY pubs and clubs be assured that we’ll be keeping our Piracy Promise!

For the bush lawyers out there, yes - it’s illegal to use SKY content in a venue without a commercial agreement under both the 1961 Crimes Act and the 1994 Copyright Act.

So, if you are suspicious of a venue what can you do?

Simple really, all we need is the name and location of the pub or club so we can start an investigation. It should be noted your name will always remain anonymous throughout.
Contact SKY Business on 0800 759 333 or .

What is Piracy?

If your business is using a domestic SKY subscription (including SKY GO and Fan Pass), streaming, downloading or obtaining SKY content by any other means without a SKY commercial agreement it’s piracy. SKY does not condone Commercial piracy and we have taken steps to stamp this out. We have special investigators working in different parts of the country visiting and gathering video evidence in premises suspected of piracy.

  • Confiscating SKY decoders from premises caught pirating and placing embargos on these premises and their operators to stop them from receiving any SKY TV services.
  • SKY is also applying criminal and civil sanctions against those involved in commercial piracy.
  • Setting up a confidential toll free line allows callers to leave an anonymous message about any suspected establishments.

It's Theft

Commercial piracy is theft. Any person using SKY TV services in an unauthorised manner is dishonestly obtaining a benefit without providing proper payment to SKY.

It's a Crime

If you use SKY TV services in an unauthorised manner you risk getting a criminal record, being fined up to $5,000 and/or going to prison.

Personal Liability

The owner, licensee and on-duty manager of any commercial premises who allows the premises to show SKY TV services in the knowledge that the SKY service is not authorised for use in that premises, and any directors and managers of a company that uses SKY TV services in this manner, can be liable for various offences under the Crimes Act 1961 and Copyright Act.
Any person who is found to have assisted or encouraged the unauthorised use of SKY TV services, including the person who supplied the decoder, may also be held liable as a joint offender of the relevant offences.

Time to Stop

Don't risk criminal liability. Contact SKY Business now on 0800 759 333 to arrange for a commercial subscription agreement to be sent to you and a SKY decoder to be installed in your commercial premises.

Anti-Piracy Hotline

Do you know of a business that is showing SKY when they shouldn't be? Call us in confidence on:
0800 759 333 to talk to a Account Manager

Alternatively email us.



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