Be Connected

From gyms to schools, to oil rigs and everything in between, SKY has your entertainment needs covered.

Help create the right atmosphere for your business – we have a SKY package to suit every environment.

  • Motivate gym members while they work out.
  • Make hospital stays more comfortable.
  • Our great range of programming makes us your first choice for entertainment for your communal lounge.

Ways to show SKY Television

SKY provides the choice of two different installation systems. The "single channel system" is using one SKY box for displaying one channel across all TVs. The "multiple channels system" is using a number of SKY boxes to display a number of channels across all TVs.

To decide which system is right for you please choose whether you want to display a single channel at one time or multiple channels at the same time.

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SKY Music

Need a professional music service for your business?

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