Going Digital

Is your hotel/motel ready for the digital switch over?

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Keep your guests entertained

Meeting and exceeding your guests' expectations is the key to success in the accommodation business. With over half of New Zealand households with SKY, your customers will expect the same level of entertainment when they stay with you.

You can choose from the following SKY options for your guest rooms:

SKY Guest Select one SKY box per room

Create a home away from home by giving guests access to the channels they receive at home. To achieve this we install a SKY box into every guest room, allowing them the same functionality they have at home.

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Multiple Channels – Headend centralised distribution system

Allow your guests’ access to a selection of our top rating channels through a headend centralised system. To achieve this we install a centralised SKY box for each SKY channel to be distributed to your guests’ rooms.

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A combination of both options

Talk to us about a tailored package to suit your individual needs, phone 0800 759 333.

SKY Music

Need a professional music service for your business?

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Free to guest

Do you want to provide your guests with the latest movies free on a scheduled timetable?

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Our premium blockbuster pay movie service with an interactive compendium and more?

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