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About Your Bill

Your Bill

Q. Can I have my invoice emailed to me?

A. Yes, contact us on 0800 759 333 or email us with your account number and we will make this change for you.

Q. How can I update my payment details?

A.If you are the SKY Business account holder and it is your own payment details that you would like to change then please call us on the number below.

SKY Business Customer Care: 0800 759 333 Or email us.

Q. Can I change my payment date?

A.No. SKY Business accounts are due on the 1st of each month. If you are unable to meet this or would like an extension please contact us on SKY Business Customer Care on 0800 759 333 or email us

Q. How will I be billed for my SKY package?

A.You will be billed for your SKY subscription monthly in advance.

If you make a change to your channel package this will reflect on your next statement.

Q. What happens with my first bill?

A. You will be billed for your SKY subscription monthly in advance - this means that once your installation is complete and your viewing is set up, we will post or email your first bill.

You will receive an account in the post to advise the amount of the first account. This will show the period the account covers. For example if you were installed 15 January you will be billed from 15 January to 31 January then from 1 February to 28 February. You will also be billed a deposit for equipment if required.

Q. I made a payment which is not showing on my bill, why is this?

A. It may be that we have not yet had the opportunity to process your payment to your SKY account. Internet Banking Payments and Telephone Banking can take three working days to process. If you feel you have made a payment and it has not been allocated to your SKY account correctly please.

  • Check with your bank that the payment has been processed
  • Contact us so we can trace the missing payment.

If you would like to pay by Direct Debit or credit card, please call us on 0800 759 333.

Q. The amount on my bill is not the amount I expected?

A. If you have made any changes to your viewing there will be an adjustment to ensure that you are billed the correct amount.

This could result in your bill being adjusted from your previous subscription bill as it is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Please call us on the number below if you are still unsure:

SKY Business Customer Care: 0800 759 333

Q. I have requested a change yet it is not shown on my bill, how come?

A. If you have requested a service to be added or cancelled it will show on your next bill.  The change will be backdated to the date the service was added/cancelled on. Any service charged in advance will be credited back.

Q. How do I get my account reinstated after it has been blocked due to non-payment?

A. If your account has been blocked due to non-payment please call our Customer Services team on 0800 759 333 and we will arrange for payment to be taken by Credit Card.

Q. I have not received a bill?

A. Please contact us to ensure we have your mailing details correct - the most effective way of making sure you get a bill is to sign up for our E-billing service, ask us how when you next call or email us.

If you pay via direct debit and the amount stays the same each month, you may not receive an bill unless there is a change to your bill. If you would like to receive an bill each month regardless of any changes please contact us 0800 759 333.

Q. I have received a bill but I have sent in a direct debit form?

A. You will receive a bill from us every time there is a change with your account. This bill is for your records. Please contact us if you have any questions in regard to this amount.

Q. How can I pay my bill?

A. When you join SKY, you can choose from a very broad range of payment options. Enjoy the convenience of Direct Debit, Automatic Payment or phone and Internet banking options.

If you are a financial member of HNZ or CLUBS NZ, you will receive a discount via direct debit.

To see if this applies to you contact SKY Business Customer Care on 0800 759 333 or email skybusiness@skytv.co.nz

Direct Debit

With Direct Debit, your SKY bill is paid automatically from your bank account each month.
The Direct Debit takes the due amount on the due date. With SKY Business Customers this is the 1st of each month. Unless the 1st falls on a weekend or public holiday in this case your bank may debit this on the next working day. For further details please contact your bank directly.

You are able to download a Direct Debit form or ask us to post one by contacting us. 

This needs to be returned via post to:

Freepost 2921, 
SKY Television Ltd, 
PO Box 9059, 
Auckland, New Zealand

Telephone banking

Pay your bill from any touchtone phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with telephone banking. Just call your bank and set up SKY as one of your bill payees. You'll need to have your SKY account number handy.

Bank Service Telephone No

ASB Bank
National Bank
Taranaki Savings Bank


Electronic Bill Payment
24 Hour Telephone Banking
Touchtone Phone Banking
By Phone


0800 103 123
0800 272 272
0800 240 000
0800 282 828
0800 172 172
Outside New Plymouth:
0800 880 872
Inside: 06 759 8959









Internet banking

If you use online banking services you can add SKY to your payee options. When you receive your monthly account you just go online and transfer the amount due from your bank account.

It's important to use your SKY Account Number (located in the top right corner of your monthly statement) in the bank's reference field to ensure your payments are processed promptly.

If you are paying multiple SKY accounts with one payment then read these instructions.

Automatic Payment

You can set up a nominated amount to be paid from your bank account to SKY each week, fortnight or month. You need to calculate the amount to pay each time carefully to make sure the account is not over or under paid.

Download an automatic payment form here.


Pay your bill by sending in a cheque with your payment slip in the Freepost envelope included in your monthly bill.

Paying by credit card or charge card

You can use a credit card or charge card to pay your bill by calling 0800 759 333. You are able to use this option for one off payments.

If you wish to pay each month via credit card please call us on 0800 759 333 and we will set this up for you over the phone.