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Fighting Piracy


What is Piracy?

If your business is using a domestic SKY subscription (including SKY GO and Fan Pass), streaming, downloading or obtaining SKY content by any other means without a SKY commercial agreement, it is piracy. SKY does not condone commercial piracy and we have taken steps to stop this. We have developed a rigorous process to identify premises without a current commercial subscription agreement, and ensures action is taken. We work with SKY staff, current subscribers, bar staff, trade sources, social media and investigators to gather information about potential pirates. Once a potential pirate has been identified, depending on the situation, the following action may be taken:

  • Our team of Investigators perform site visits and gather evidence in premises suspected of piracy.
  • SKY decoders are confiscated from premises caught pirating and embargoes are placed on these premises and their operators to stop them from receiving any SKY TV services.
  • SKY is also applying criminal and civil sanctions against those involved in Commercial piracy.
  • Setting up a confidential toll free line allows callers to leave an anonymous message about any suspected establishments.

As a SKY Business customer, you can also help us protect your investment. All we need is the name and location of the pub or club so we can start an investigation. It should be noted that your name will always remain anonymous throughout any investigation. 


Do you know of a business that is showing SKY when they shouldn't be? Call us anonymously on 0800 759 333 to talk to an Account Manager, or email us.


0800 759 333

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