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Q. Why is the installation cost different to what I pay at home?

A. For a business, the satellite dish and cabling is owned by the subscriber, this means the installation is charged privately by the installer.

Q. Can I have my SKY business account on the same account as my SKY domestic account?

A. No.  Apologies, but we are unable to offer this service

Q. I’ve just sold my business, what do I need to tell SKY?

A. We need to know the date that the change of ownership is taking place. Also update us with your mailing address and phone numbers, if they’re changing.  

Q. I’ve just bought a business that has SKY, and I’d like to continue the service.  What does SKY need to know?

A. Congratulations!  It’s pretty straightforward. Simply contact us to get started. We’ll need to know:

  • The date that the business is changed hands
  • The new company name
  • The new trading name (if there is one)
  • Your contact details – phone, mobile and email address.

Q. Can my sports club split our 12 month contract over 2 years (2 six month periods)?

A. Yes, SKY offers this to sports clubs. When you sign your contract, ask your SKY representative about making this happen.

Q. Can I have MYSKY in my business?

A. Yes. Let’s talk about this on 0800 759 333.

Q. How do I order a new remote and how much is it?

A. Contact us and we’ll send you a new one. Depending on what’s happened to the one you’re replacing, there may be a charge of $25.00 billed to your SKY account. 

Q. How much is it to install a SKY dish in my business?

A. Every business is different, so we offer a free quote from our recommended installers. They’ll come and assess your needs and leave you with an obligation-free quote to install a commercial SKY dish and all the necessary cabling.

Q. How long is the minimum term contract for SKY TV?

A. There is a 12-month minimum service term. This agreement must be signed before services be can authorised for viewing.

Q. How much is the bond for my decoder and why do I have to pay it?

A. The refundable bond is $199.00. It’s simply a security on the decoder being kept in good condition.