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With the MY SKY service you can press pause, rewind and record live TV. You decide how and when to watch all of SKY’s great entertainment. There’s no more tuning in at a certain time or missing an episode.

My Sky Features

One of the best things about MY SKY is the ability to record anything you like. You can even record three programs while watching a fourth live.

Pause and rewind - Don’t miss a second of your favourite show. Pause and rewind live TV.

Remote Record - If out and about and realise you’ve forgotten to record the big game, there’s no need to stress. You can set MY SKY to remote record without even being there.

To Record - To make sure you don’t miss out on any new shows or movies, we’ve created a special green button. When you see this pop up on adverts for new shows and movies, simply press the green button on your remote and every episode in the series will be automatically set to record.

Pubs & Clubs

  • Record a sporting event outside of normal opening hours and replay at a designated time. e.g. Record the All Blacks v Springboks 3am game and replay at a 9am brunch.
  • Record one LIVE game whilst watching a 2nd LIVE game and then re-play the recorded game .e.g. At the conclusion of an All Blacks game play the recorded Warriors game to keep your patrons longer.
  • Record associated programs for in-house clubs. e.g. record the Fishing shows for the Fishing Club or the Darts for the Darts Club.
  • Record programs for conference or function use.
  • Take bookings from your punters for specific sporting events that they want to come in and view at a later date.
  • Build up a library of sporting events that can be used during quieter times.
  • Use recorded programs for questions in quiz nights.
  • Use the features of pause, rewind, slow mo and replay to get your punters involved, interested and staying for another.
  • Record a series of sporting events and build a group of punters to watch it on a given day. e.g. record all the Formula One races of a weekend and show them on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Enjoy a 20% improved picture with a MY SKY and a 50% improved picture with a MY SKY & High Definition ticket.

Retail & Office

  • Ability to record any event that could impact on your business, i.e. breaking news, programmes that feature TV ad placement or sponsorship, sports etc.
  • Option to series link programmes that could have relevance, like regular news bulletins or industry specific shows.
  • Record programmes to show to customers\clients to entertain and reduce perceived wait times (in store or in reception).

Hotels & Motels

  • To install MY SKY in your Hotel and Motel rooms you would first have to subscribe to our Guest Select service.
  • Travellers love all the comforts of home. That includes having their own SKY box and their choice of 50+ channels of sizzling entertainment in every room. Motels and Hotels that have already installed SKY Guest Select report an increase in business especially repeat business.

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