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Bring your guests total satisfaction with SKY!

At SKY we understand that keeping your guests happy is at the very core of your business.

Almost half of New Zealand homes have SKY, so why not give your guests that ‘home away from home feeling’ when they stay with you.

We have an extensive range of SKY packages and solutions to meet all guest needs, from the smallest motel to the largest hotels, we’ve got it all

What can SKY do for your business?

  • Increase food and beverage sales through room service
  • Drive customer loyalty and repeat bookings
  • Differentiate your premium rooms and attract positive reviews



0800 759 333

Give our team a call on 0800 759 333 

Additional Services


Movielink provides major hotels with more of the latest in-room entertainment; online compendiums, PPV movies, free to guest movies, and internet access. We also supply, install and commission a range of “digital MATV distribution systems throughout New Zealand.

Find out about that here:www.ezestream.com.au

To find out more call 0800 759 333.