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Our Piracy Promise

Our Piracy

Our Piracy Promise

Commercial SKY subscribers deserve a level playing field, and the team at SKY Business are committed to delivering this. SKY Business Account Manager for Licensed Premises, Kevin Newcombe believes piracy is an important issue to tackle, and he is leading the SKY Business Piracy Promise. 

Kevin says: “We owe it to our honest pub and club operators to protect the investment they’ve made in their SKY subscription.” The Piracy Promise is an assurance that we’ll follow up and investigate any misuse of the SKY service.


It's Theft

Commercial piracy is theft. Any person using SKY services in an unauthorised manner is dishonestly obtaining a benefit without providing proper payment to SKY.


It's a Crime

If you use SKY services in an unauthorised manner you risk getting a criminal record, being fined up to $5,000 and/or going to prison.


Personal Liability

The owner, licensee and on-duty manager of any commercial premises who allows the premises to show SKY services in the knowledge that the SKY service is not authorised for use in that premises, and any directors and managers of a company that uses SKY services in this manner, can be liable for various offences under the Crimes Act 1961 and Copyright Act.

Any person who is found to have assisted or encouraged the unauthorised use of SKY services, including the person who supplied the decoder, may also be held liable as a joint offender of the relevant offences.


Content Protection

As a SKY business customer, protect your investment and protect our story makers, athletes and production teams’ livelihoods. Let us know if you suspect a business who is showing SKY when they shouldn't be.

Call us anonymously on 0800 759 333 to talk to an account manager or email us.


0800 759 333

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