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SKY Packages


Your first decision to make is how you would like to show SKY TV. SKY has three different installation set ups to choose from for your business. To decide which system is right for you please choose whether you want to show one single channel at one time or multiple channels at the same time.

Single Channel

With an individual SKY box you can show one channel at a time, however you are able to show that channel on more than one TV screen. For example: A pub can use an individual SKY box to show a rugby game on all TVs in the pub. A retail store could show one music channel on several TVs around the store. A small office could show any chosen channel on their TVs. Ideal for:

>Retail stores
>Small to medium sized pubs or clubs
>Small offices

Individual SKY Box

SKY can install an individual SKY boxes in each room, this system is aimed at motels and hotels but is also used by large office buildings. This gives the motel/hotel guest a home-away-from-home feeling with the ability to choose from all the subscribed SKY channels. The SKY box can have the MY SKY service enabled with the ability to record programmes. Ideal for:

>A motel or hotel looking for a point of difference
>Office buildings (board room, managers' offices, cafeteria, reception)

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Multiple Channels - Headend Centralised Distribution System

A headend system allows you to distribute multiple channels at the same time on different screens throughout your premises. For example: A hotel could use a headend system with 10 SKY boxes to offer each of their guests a choice of 10 channels in their hotel rooms.

A two storey pub could use two SKY boxes to show cricket on all TVs upstairs, and rugby on all TVs downstairs. An office could use two SKY boxes to show news in the office area and a music channel in the lunch area. Ideal for:

  • Motels and hotels
  • Medium sized to large pubs or clubs
  • Large office buildings