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Power reset steps

Reset Steps

First Line of Defence

Please follow these two simple steps to help restore your SKY TV pictures

1: Power Reset

  • Switch the power to the decoder off at the wall or unplug the power cord from the back of the decoder
  • Make sure all the lights at the front of the decoder have gone out
  • Wait approximately 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the power to the decoder
  • Wait while the lights flash on and off, then one green light will come on and stay on
  • A message ‘One Moment Please’ will appear on your TV screen.


2: Insert your SKY card

If you don’t see the card poking out of the decider, it is on the inside. 

  • There should be a panel that you can lift up on the left hand corner of the decoder at the top or bottom of the decoder. 
  • Slide the card out, wipe it with a soft cloth and reinsert.
  • This should clear the message if not, a power reset should solve it.

Other technical problems

For all other technical problems, follow the Technical Help: Frequently Asked Questions.


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