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SKY Survivor

SKY Survivor

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SKY Survivor

We’re stoked to present SKY Survivor, a sports tipping competition exclusive to our licensed sector SKY customers.


SKY Survivor could be the easiest sports tipping competition you’ve ever run. It’s so simple! Rules and how to play are written along the bottom of the SKY Survivor posters. We also have a set of additional rules for running the competition to ensure compliance with the Gambling Act.



To be smart enough to “out survive” everyone else by picking one winning team

each Round.



  • Each week you pick one team that you believe will win.
  • If your team wins you survive for another Round.
  • If your team draws or loses you are eliminated from SKY Survivor.
  • But here’s the catch - once you have selected a team you cannot choose that team again in any other Round.


The ultimate decision on entry fee is up to each venue; however, we suggest a one-off cost of $20 to enter,

which with a maximum of 25 Survivors would give a total prize pool of $500. (Please note, the Gambling Act

2003 states “prizes or potential turnover for one session does not exceed $500”)



  1. 1. SKY Survivor will finish when:
    a) There is one Survivor left, who will win the total prize pool.
    b) All 10 Rounds are completed; therefore, the prize pool is shared between all remaining Survivors.
    c) All remaining Survivors lose in the same Round; therefore the prize pool is shared between those Survivors.
  2. The Survivor(s) must collect their prize from the venue within 7 days of the finish of the SKY Survivor competition.
  3. All Survivor selections must be written up on the “SKY Survivor” poster before each round begins.
  4. If a Survivor fails to submit their team before the first game of the Round, an automatic selection will be made for them. This will be based on the first available team, home team first, away team second, in order of the matches being played as per the SKY Sport NRL poster.
  5. Survivors cannot choose any team that is having a “Bye”.
  6. A “Golden point win” is a win.
  7. Please note: The SKY Survivor competition can start on any round.