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Q. I’ve got a message on my screen that says ‘rainfade’.  What does this mean?

A. It means that there is no communication to the decoder.  Check that all the leads are still connected, especially the big satellite cable that screws into the back of the decoder, and follow power reset steps to clear.

Q. The green light is on the decoder, but no pictures or sound.  What’s happening?

A. Check that the TV is on the SKY channel.  Change the channel using the up and down arrows or the plus and minus button on the front of the decoder.  If it’s not changing, follow power reset steps and try again.  If you are still having problems it may be a TV issue.

Q. I’ve got no sound but I can see the pictures, how can I fix this?

A. Follow power reset steps as this should clear any mute problems.  Check your HDMI/AV/Scart leads to make sure they are connected.

Q. My TV has snow on it.  Why is this?

A. It’s possible that your TV has lost it’s tuning, and will need to be retuned.  But try the power reset as it may help.

Q. There are no lights on the decoder, is it broken?

A. Check the power supply to ensure there is power to the decoder.  Try the power reset tips as this can help the decoder come back on.  We may need to arrange a technician to come out and see what’s happening with it.